Brigitte Mars – Natural Remedies For Childhood Ailments

Natural Remedies For Childhood Ailments: In this DVD, Brigitte Mars tells you how to take care of your children’s ailments. From the time they are born until well in to their teens any parent can try Brigitte’s simple, natural and herbal remedies. Suggestions for nursing, colic and cradle cap; for ear infections, diarrhea and diaper rash; for measles, tummy ache and ADHD.

Brigitte provides valuable information about the many things you have in your kitchen and herb garden that can be safely and effectively used for children’s health.

Herbs covered by Brigitte include, red clover, sage, calendula, catnip, burdock, chickweed, echinacea, mullein, lemon balm, nettle and yarrow.

Time: 1hr 10min 20sec

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