Herbal Healing with Brigitte Mars – Course

Welcome to the Herbal Healing Course 

with Brigitte Mars!

Learn to use food, herbs, essential oils, lifestyle techniques and other natural remedies to attain ultimate health. This course will empower you to be able to remedy common health concerns using natural remedies.

Save your health, time, money and the planet by becoming proficient in Nature's time-tested health benefitting plants.

Here is a Course Overview Before you dive into the rest of the Lessons.
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Thank you to the many artists and photographers whose work is shown in these works. We appreciate your contribution!

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Course 1: Our Herbal Heritage

Explore the rich traditions of herbs around the world and the various ways they have served humanity.

Course 2: Food as Medicine

Learn how to eat healthier, make better food selections, explore food myths and take charge of your health by improving what you do and don't consume.

Course 3: Materia Medica

Learn to utilize 25 important herbs that can serve as allies for multiple health concerns.

Course 4: Immune Health

Learn to use food, herbs, lifestyle techniques and essential oils to be able to defend yourself and loved ones from disease causing pathogens. Know what do when sick!

Course 5: Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

Explore the realm of folk remedies that are safe, effective and readily available for helping yourself and loved ones get well quick.

Course 6: Natural First  Aid

Learn to be prepared for emergencies by creating a first aid kit and knowing how to use it.

Course 7: Addiction Free Naturally

Liberate yourself from habits and substances like alcohol, prescription and recreational drugs, caffeine, sugar and more with the help of food, herbs and supplements.

Course 8: The Sexual Herbal

Learn to use food, herbs, essential oils, supplements and Taoist exercises to help menstrual, prostate, fertility, candida, STDs and increase pleasure, passion and sexual vitality.

Course 9: Natural Remedies for Children

Learn how to care for children when they experience colic, teething, ADHD, measles, mumps, chicken pox, as well getting kids to eat healthier.

Course 10: Color and Aromatherapy

Learn how to utilize the powerful, yet often overlooked benefits of colors and essential oils to affect mood, energy, hormones and health.

Course 11: Advanced Immune System

Learn to use food, herbs, and supplements to be more resistant to disease and counter dangerous pathogens with powerful plants

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