What is It Really Inside “The Ultimate Guide to eBook Marketing” and Why You Must Have One?

Recently, I mention an eBook on my previous post, that is “The Ultimate Guide to eBook Marketing” by Bill Hall. I really recommend the book, because it really help me to discover ways to market any product in the Internet, not only eBook.

The Ultimate Guide to eBook Marketing

The book cover itself tell you about it as; The only guide that enables you to pick the best  techniques and match them to your available resources of time, money, and skill. By creating a plan that best utilizes  your  available  resources,  you  end  up  with  the perfect eBook marketing plan. 

You will get 12 marketing method that is very useful to increase your sale mean for your product, but for blogger it will increase your blog traffic as well. Each marketing method followed by helpful information including;

  1. Priority
  2. Time resource needed
  3. Money resource needed
  4. Skill level
  5. How to decide whether to outsource, do it yourself, do a hybrid of the two, or skip the marketing method altogether in favor of doing a larger percentage of another.
  6. Time to see results
  7. Effectiveness

The most shocking method is Join Venture method, that is really a win win solution for both side working together. It also discussing about guest blogging, affiliate, PPC, Audio and video marketing and SEO as well.

Need more?

There are some design tips to increase the conversion rate, how to get more testimonial, even if you have never write any email requesting for a testimonial. And dozens tips about building a site  that sells. This is what I said about it you can find on the page.

“Bill’s eBook package of marketing strategies is a complete resource for anyone selling on the Internet – not just eBooks. Even when I read it with blogging in mind, the tools are applicable. These ideas are very refreshing and many are really new to me. I recommend you get this right away – worth many times the price and it will save you from hiring a consultant!!”

Go get it, and prove it, how this eBook is really helpful for you to kick start yourself to become an author especially, and online successful marketer in general.

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