Managed WordPress Hosting by WPEngine

Managed WordPress Hosting and Beginners Guide to Hosting WordPress

Managed WordPress Hosting and dedicated WordPress hosting are terms that often confusing for any one of you new to WordPress and want to host your website on a WordPress hosting services. The term WordPress Hosting services alone is a bit confusing if you are totally new to things related to web hosting.

You may also heard about shared hosting, dedicated hosting, could hosting and VPS. You keep asking what this all is about, and what is the best option for me to choose to start host my website?

Well, this is it, I will try to explain them for you. So that you will understand what Managed WordPress hosting is, and whether it will suit you or not.

WordPress Hosting Requirement

Before jumping to the explanation, lets see what is really needed by WordPress to runs a website? Here is what we got from website;

  • PHP 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • suPHP module (recommended)
  • Web Server (a must that not written over there – Apache and Nginx mostly)

That is all the things needed to run WordPress. And most Linux hosting can easily provide you with all of that requirements.

Non Managed WordPress Hosting

There are several types of non managed WordPress hosting package offered by hosting provider, but most of them are called Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting/Server and Reseller hosting. This hosting can also be used for any other script to build a website.

I will try to explain you one by one in a short explanation to help you get to know the difference. Then I will tell you more about Managed WordPress Hosting, because that is the aim of this post, to help you really know about what exactly it is.

1. Web Hosting – Shared Hosting

Web Hosting providers call their lowest level of hosting services as web hosting, people also often call it shared hosting. Because on this kind of hosting package, your website are hosted in one single server with dozen other websites.

Your website disk space and memory allocation are limited based on the package you are using, because shared hosting are also offered in some different levels. Especially the one which offer lower price tag like NameCheap. But at the higher number price that nor really far you can get all of it without limitation, like Bluehost and Dreamhost.

Shared hosting is good if you begin your online business, if you plan to manage a small website with relatively low traffic. Shared hosting usually below $10/month

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS is a hosting package that will give you your own server, you will have a certain amount of CPU speed and RAM allocation. But the server is built using a virtualization technology, means that the server is in a virtual box, virtual OS inside the physical server.

One physical server could have several servers inside, but the allocation of the resource is what makes your server always run at the speed you really need. Your neighbors activity won’t interfere your server performance.

When you are growing up with thousands of visitors daily, this could be your hosting of choice. VPS hosting starts at about $15 – $30/month

3. Dedicated Server/Dedicated Hosting

Unlike shared hosting and VPS, Dedicated hosting will give you the whole server for you only. You are the owner of the server so there is no need to be afraid about your website going down because too many people open it. Unless you get a heavy traffic spike.

Once you getting more famous than ever, hundreds of thousand visitors to your website every day. It is  time to pick a dedicated server, dedicated Hosting starts around $99/month.

4. Reseller Hosting

This is a package when you need to provide WordPress hosting solution for others, may be you are a developer who manage clients website or just want to get cheaper price to host multiple website of your own, you can go with this. The difference to VPS hosting is that you can install CPanel to each of the website you host, as it is aimed for a client.

InMotion Hosting offers $14/month price tag for their Reseller hosting package.

Managed WordPress Hosting Services

With the growth of WordPress adoption, it now power around 20% websites in the globe, the need of a hosting that totally know inside out about WordPress is inevitable.

There comes managed WordPress hosting, they brought some advantages compared to non-dedicated WordPress hosting like;

  • They only host WordPress on their server.
  • Specializing server setup for WordPress
  • Guarantee of optimization using caching and CDN
  • Added layer of security and protection
  • WordPress expert support
  • Daily backup, so you can restore your site anytime

In a simplest word, using managed WordPress hosting allow you to be more focused on your activity to do business. No need to take care about your website setup and maintenance.

Who provides managed WordPress hosting services?

We have dozens of choices, most of them will charge you close to $30/month for a single website. And with no more a do, here is managed WordPress hosting services you can try;

1. WPEngine – Managed WordPress Hosting

WPEngine is not the first hosting providers who provide managed WordPress hosting service, but they are now the most popular one in the market. The community love WPEngine because they win at some area;

WPEngine has great support

WPEngine support team consisted of WordPress expert that really know the ins ans out ow WordPress. Not like any regular web hosting, where you will be left as your website crashed (I ever in this condition) WPEngine support team will inspect your website scripts like themes and plugins to get to know where the bottle neck is.

WPEngine using curated plugins and themes

To keep your website loading blazing fast all themes and plugins are carefully curated. So that there won’t be any trouble you will face on the next day.

Restore your hacked website for free

WPEngine back ups your data in a daily basis. So anytime your website getting trouble, it is easy to switch back as before. WPEngine automatically scan for, and fix, many hacking attempts to secure your site.

WPEngine guarantee is “to do everything they can to ensure your WordPress site won’t get hacked. And if your WordPress site still gets hacked, they will fix it…at no additional charge to you” 

 WPEngine Pricing

Managed hosting from WPEngine started at $29/month, that will be able to accommodate traffic of 25.000 visit with 10 GB local storage. For the complete list of plans, you can see and click the image below.

Managed WordPress Hosting by WPEngine

2. Managed WordPress Hosting is the first company offering WordPress hosting services, they are the one who pioneering the term of Managed WordPress Hosting. As time goes by and competitors arose, their service are still the one used by big brands.

This company started by two, Joshua Strebel and his wife using Firehost as a hosting solution. managed WordPress hosting provide server security guarantee by the addition of PRESSARMOR™ in collaboration with Firehost to help build a Secure WordPress Hosting, Redundant Firewalls, DDoS protection on top of custom firewall for securing WordPress.

In the site management side, gives automatic WordPress core updates, plugin updates, backups, speed optimization using caching technology, unlike WPEngine, don’t have such restriction of plugins and themes usage to optimize your site speed. Plans and Pricing offer a lower price tag, more visitors counts, though they limit the bandwidth quota and charge bandwidth overage $0.14 every 1GB. If you need more WordPress install, multi-site feature allowed at least you use Professional plans. Click this image to see the plans.

Managed WordPress Hosting - Pagely

3. Web Synthesis

Web Synthesis is a managed WordPress hosting company part of Copyblogger Media, the Owner of one the best Premium WordPress Themes, StudioPress/Genesis Framework and content optimization plugin called ScribeSEO.

Based on their experience of managing Copyblogger website which gaining traffic for 2.5 million views each month, they build their managed hosting solution service for the community of Internet Marketers, their base audience and every WordPress user in general.

Scribe for Web Synthesis

As Copyblogger is content marketer on its heart content optimization like Scribe is inevitable tool to optimize content. This plugin is bundled with Web Synthesis, what the plugin will do is helping you to create a content that will strengthen your website content on overall.

This plugin will score your article based from the keyword you will target compared the content already published. It will also help you doing data mining about your competitors and people talking about the topic, even before you publish your post. Watch this demo to get to know it more.

Web Synthesis Features

Like other managed WordPress providers, Web Synthesis will also guarantee that all your website management related things is not your things anymore. Just do your business, because your website is under control.

All Web Synthesis hosting plans include Securi site scanner, Malware scanner, Amazon S3 backup daily, Genesis Framework, Site Sensors, W3C Total Cache Pro. Along with 24/7 support staff who will fix your site – in case it infected by malware – know WordPress and Genesis Framework and other themes except Thesis.

Web Synthesis Plans

Compared for the first two, Web Synthesis offer more traffic quota, since they give you at least 2.500 daily traffic which means 75.000 traffic/month. Click the image to visit their plans page. Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting

4. DreamPress

DreamPress is managed WordPress hosting solution from Dreamhost, a company that recommended by to host WordPress websites. It is a WordPress install running on a specialized, optimized, virtual private server.

DreamPress also packed with advanced security features including random table prefix, randomized Salt, .htaccess protection from script execution.

DreamPress  Expert Managed WordPress Web Hosting

What makes DreamPress interesting is that they offer the service for $20/month, if the previous managed WordPress providers seems too expensive, this may right for you.

5. Pressable – Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Previously known as ZippyKid, Pressable founded by Vid Luther in May of 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. It is a company that will make it easy to create a new WordPress website in two simple steps or clone an existing site with a single click. If you want your developer to help setup your site, you can invite them in without sharing password.

With all standard features of managed WordPress hosting services, with grouping pricing like below Pressable is good for webmasters who owns a couple of websites with low traffic. $25/month for 5 websites means that for the same amount of money spent for standard shared hosting each your website live in a better ecosystem.

Managed WordPress Hosting from Pressable

6. Flywheel

Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting built for designer that enabling web designers and developers to create a demo site before handed over to client. Developers can even let the website owner to pay the site himself after the site launched.

After they pay for the website, you as the developers still have access to the site as collaborator, without the need to create account to the site, so making changes to your client website is pretty simple.

Pricing -  Flywheel   Managed WordPress hosting built for designers

7. Lighting Base

Lighting Base is a managed WordPress hosting start-ups Founded by Chris Piepho on November 2011, he has the experience of managing client websites for years. Using that background as his starting point he fine tune his own server setup until what the company it is today.

With solid hardware and software architecture, Lighting Base will give you a hosting services with helpful support from configuring multi websites per install or multi websites per account until fixing your website from if it get hacked.

Lightning Base Managed WordPress Hosting

For a relatively smaller personal website Lighting base will suit better, if you getting bigger or own more than a websites you can upgrade to medium or Large package which only cost you less than $5 for each website.

Is managed WordPress Hosting right for me?

If you get confused, whether or not managed WordPress hosting right for you, you may be not alone. But considering that it will make you comfortable and focus more to your business rather that managing your websites it will become inevitable for you to use one that fits your criteria and budget.

But the final choice is yours, to get a better hosting for your websites and DO your business or get busy and have less time for your website profit.

ClassiPress Child Themes

The Best 10 ClassiPress Child Themes from AppThemes Marketplace

AppThemes - Premium WordPress Themes

ClassiPress Child Themes is what you need to look for, when you want to make over your Classified ads website based on the ClassiPress WordPress themes.

The end year is coming, change your website into a new looks is something cool.  There are totally 18 child themes on AppThemes marketplace, but over here I will only include 10 most rated themes only.

The Best 10 ClassiPress Child Themes from AppThemes Marketplace

Before reading this post and pick one best ClassiPress child theme, I assume that you already know about ClassiPress theme, but if you don’t, buy it here or get the information here.

1. Grid ClassiPress Child Themes

ClassiPress Child Themes - Grid

Bring the possibility for user to change their view from a grid based into list view, in a beautiful and responsive design. It also powered by ClassiPress color chooser, change the color into your brand identity is easier. In addition, there isi also Featured Slider Pictures. Average: 5 – 11 votes

2. Jibo ClassiPress child theme

Jibo ClassiPress child themes

Jibo is a ClassiPress 3.3 child theme having features that extend the capabilities of the theme. The color combination of blue and Yellow are very strong and compelling to anyone browse the products on your site.

Jibo is a responsive theme with grid lay out to achieve the design, it will enable you to display AdSense bot for desktop and mobile website. There is featured and related ads feature too, to make your visitor stay longer.

Average: 5 - 14 votes

3. Skye ClassiPress Child Themes

Skye classipress child themes

The next is Skye, a cleanly designed responsive child theme for ClassiPress 3.3 with almost-flat design pattern. Skye is compatible with WooCommerce and has “Featured” and “SOLD” label on the listing. It has 14 color schemes to choose from inside the theme option.

Average: 4.9 - 9 votes

4. Mydentity ClassiPress Child Themes

mydentity ClassiPress child Themes

A bold theme, fully flat, and have the same color accent as Facebook. This cool warm responsive theme bring a complete features like;

  • Enlarged featured product slider with bigger images
  • A grid/list toggle for the ads on the home page
  • WooCommerce integration to sell products directly
  • Great use of CSS3 animation properties
  • Large product images on single listing views
  • An options panel which allows you to choose your theme colours

5. Simply Responsive (CP) ClassiPress Child Themes

Simply Responsive Child Theme

A totally simple responsive child theme designed for ClassiPress 3.3, with such bloats of animation and slider effect. This “to the point” theme will bring all the info about your product listing quickly wit no more time to wait for your visitor. There are 6 predefined color schemes to choose from.

Average: 5 - 13 votes

6. eClassify ClassiPress Child Themes

eclassify classipress child themes

eClassify is a premium ClassiPress child theme promising you have full control so that you can change your design in just a few clicks away. 8 Color schemes and more (unlimited eventually) if you want to define more color variation. You will also have 7 special ads spots, 42 custom background pattern and a well designed theme option.

Average: 4.8 - 14 votes

7. Ultra Classifieds ClassiPress Child themes

Ultra Classified responsive Classipress child themes

Flexibility, it is what this clean & crisp theme trying to offer to you. Ultra Classifieds provides you with every module you might need to have on a professional classified web site. Each module comes bundled with its own options and features. There is also fast support team ready for you 24 hours if you want any helps.

Average: 5 - 4 votes

8. Commerce & Classifieds  ClassiPress Child themes

Commerce & Classifieds ClassiPress child themes

A bold Tidy & sparkling theme, designed with good detail that best suit for chicks, if most of your reader are women, they will love this theme design. Especially the smooth pattern that resulting in a warm atmosphere to your website.

Some more feature reagarding to compatibility brought to you by Commerce & Classifieds  ClassiPress Child themes are;

  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.3+
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Plugin

Average: 5 - 2 votes

9. Headline ClassiPress Child themes

Headline Classipress Child Theme

Headline is a simple and bright ClassiPress child theme with a Metro alike design philosophy, this theme gives you more pleasure for having it compatible by the most used plugins needed to run a classified websites like “Extreme Carousel”  and  “Advanced Search Premium”.

Average: 4.3 - 8 votes

10. ClassiClean ClassiPress Child themes

ClassiClean ClassPress Child ThemesClean, minimalist, back and white with beautiful typography, here it is the best theme for you Simplistics, I know you are there :) Complete ClassiClean features including;

  • Fully responsive theme
  • Clean, black and white layout
  • Compatible with most of the plugins available for ClassiPress
  • Compatible with ClassiPress 3.2+
  • WordPress Multisite compatible

Average: 5 - 7 votes

Best and Compete Choice ClassiPress Child Themes

Any kind of audience could use these theme, pick one that is the best for them so they will stay at your website longer. Even if you like a simple design there is also the right theme for it.

Go grab one, and thank me later :)

Custom Genesis Child Theme

Custom Genesis Child Themes Services for All Your Needs

Custom Genesis child themes services is the one you will need to contact when you want a custom Genesis child themes for your sites. Custom child themes offer more flexibility and uniqueness to your website, resulting in solid brand awareness for your site.

In this post I try to point you several Custom Genesis child themes services existed today, that will surely helps achieve your design and get going to business quickly.

1. Web Savvy Marketing

Web Savvy Marketing is an agency consisted of graphic designers, website developers, coders, SEO consultants, bloggers, social media enthusiasts, and WordPress experts all rolled up into one.

They have been offering custom genesis child themes service for a long time. Even they are recommended by StudioPress, the creator of Genesis Framework itself.

You can order a custom Genesis child themes here, but you may also find that their collection of genesis child themes already fit your needs. Check their Genesis child themes store.

As an example, this is Lisa Marie, a genesis child themes by WSM.

custom Genesis Child Themes

Note: Check 9 Pretty Genesis Child Themes for Women and Mompreneurs where I features more Genesis child themes by WSM.


And now we meet another Genesis child themes provider named ZigZagPress. This website owned by Patrick Tsesemeli owns 17 Genesis child themes for now. Their custom themes is mostly looks simple and beautiful.

This is one of their colorful genesis child themes named Tequila.

Tequila - Genesis Child Theme


Restored 316 specializes in creating chic, trendy, and feminine WordPress Themes using the Genesis Framework for women-owned businesses and personal blogs. They have 6 themes in their portofolio.

4. Bill Erickson

Bill Erickson is one of the famous Genesis Framework developer, though he already familiar with WordPress from the root, he contributed 2 WordPress core. He also have contribution to 19 core genesis framework code and speakers at some WordCamp.

Go here to start discussing your custom Genesis child themes with Bill.

5. Aaron Hartland

Aaron Hartlan services including custom WordPress website design and Genesis child themes development. Ever since, he is now working exclusively with the Genesis Theme Framework by StudioPress. Contact Aaron here.


9seeds is custom genesis child themes designer from around Vegas. Consisting of people with a big passion about WordPress and can be considered as WordCamp junkies for attending (sometimes speaking on it) on more than 40 of the event.

They also have numerous WordPress plugins to power up your business.

Design your custom genesis child themes

Note: I have become affiliate member for some service provides here. I put the biggest brand on the top because they consist of more people who will guarantee your job done faster. I hope this post will help you find custom genesis child themes services to design your theme after buying Genesis Framework.

Know another developer? Shoot me an email to add it here or just add a comment below.

Using ManageWP

How To Become More Effective Blogger Using ManageWP

For anyone of you didn’t know about what ManageWP is, it is online service where you can manage dozens of WordPress websites in one single dashboard.

By using ManageWP you will focus more on your content and businesses rather than spend countless time to manage your websites one by one. This a great  tool for anyone of you who own multiple websites.

What  ManageWP can do about my websites?

Manage blog using ManageWPInside ManageWP dashboard you can do all your needs to manage your blog. Management activities related to plugins and themes, comments, posts, users, pages and links are accessible from inside the dashboard.  All WordPress functionality related to that things can be done here, though the UI is a bit different compared to your own websites dashboard. You just need to get used to it.

You can also open your website dashboard from inside ManageWP dashboard, so you will have full capabilities to manage your blog. I myself don’t like it, because the dashboard is displayed in a smaller embed window.

That’s it, you can do all the things about your WordPress websites from inside one place. This will be a big time saver right?

Protect, Monitor, and Optimize

ManageWP is not only a websites management tools, when you sign up to ManageWP, you can also have more benefits. You will have more option to protect your websites, monitor uptime and traffic and also optimize your SEO.

Using ManageWP


Protect Your Websites using ManageWP

At the first time you add your website to ManageWP dashboard, your site is scanned from security problem, so right from the start you will know that you need to fix them. After that, you can set your backup where you can save your website contents and databases on your won server or an external FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive or Dropbox account.

Monitor Your Websites using ManageWP

The next benefit about using ManageWP is you can also have a monitoring tools. You can monitor your websites uptime and traffic change. This is handy tool because we can be notified when something wrong is happened to our blog.

Track Your SEO Effort using ManageWP

One more attractive tool from ManageWP is the SEO optimization trough keyword monitoring. Keep track of the keyword you want to rank on search engine, ManageWP will see your keywords until page 10 of SERP.

ManageWP Plans

ManageWP Plans and Pricing

There are three plans to choose for, Standard, Professional and Business. The price for a single website/month depend on the number of websites you want to manage, the more websites you manage, the cheaper the cost for a website is. But of course the total amount of money you need to spend will increase.

Start using ManageWP now!

Using manageWP is really a time safer, a good move for your and your business if you choose to start using it.  Start using ManageWP now by clicking here (affiliate).

Cheap WordPress Hosting

Cheap WordPress Hosting Best for Beginners and Small Businesses

Cheap WordPress Hosting is a solution that is absolutely needed by beginners and small businesses. Considering that new bloggers and small businesses owner are in a low budget at their initial blogging and business.

If you are new blogger and business owner, this post is dedicated for you. You don’t need expensive WordPress hosting or managed hosting solution like WPEngine, because they can slow you down from start growing your blog and business right now.

All you need is a good hosting, with good track record and support. That is because WordPress is a simple application that will run on any servers running MySQL, Apache/Nginx and PHP. That is the most essential requirement, and most hosting have them.

Here I brought to you 9 cheap WordPress hosting solution to help you select the best one that fit you. Before creating this post I also consider that this hosting providers are recommended by, Yoast and WPLift (except for Name and Namecheap), that way I hope I can give you the best quality hosting for beginners and small businesses like you.

I try to include the best pricing option used by hosting providers, though I don’t give you all list of plans, but I asure that plans I include here are the most suitable for you.

9 Cheap WordPress Hosting Solution for Beginners and Small Businesses

I have been stumbling to dozen of web hosting solution before creating this post. And it’s true that there are countless web hosting we can choose. But I will start from the two hosting providers recommended by, the creator of the software we are about to use.

So Let’s start to list those hosting here :)

1. Bluehost

One of Bluehost benefit to be featured as recommended WordPress Hosting is they are well-known on the WordPress community, and many blogger using their service also have positive respond. But when I do my research about this post, Bluehost’s WordPress hosting is not literally the most budget effective.

Cheap WordPress Hosting - Bluehost.comFor years  of contract with domain privacy protection - and no more addition service – you will have to pay for $270. And if you choose a shorter contract, you will be billed $94/year.

As a new blogger and small business owner, clearly, this is not really a cheap WordPress hosting for you! But if you want to use Bluehost hosting just click this button.

Use Bluehost WordPress Hosting

2. Dreamhost

The second company that is also getting recommendation as WordPress hosting solution is Dreamhost. Coming at the similar pricing dream host is not really a cheap WordPress hosting for beginner and small businesses.

This is the steps to buy domain and hosting package on Dreamhost, that is a bit troubling I think. I write the pricing down there after this image.

Cheap WordPress Hosting from Dreamhost

The standard shared hosting package is started $8.95/mo for 2 years contract or $9.95/mo for one year contract. At the end of the package you will have to spend $120/year contract or $215/2 years.

Heads up; use a coupon code “SEVENDREAMS”  to get $35 discount on the yearly plan and $50 for bi-lineally plan.

DreamPress Hosting

There is one more advanced hosting solution from Dreamhost called DreamPress. I know this may not a choice for beginner and small business owner like you, because it will cost you $20/mo, but in case you need it one day. DreamPress is like other managed WordPress hosting service like WPEngine with some features including;

  • Managed VPS Web & MySQL servers
  • Highly scalable, tuned servers
  • Optimized WordPress configuration
  • Robot-assisted WordPress migration
  • Easy Control Panel interface
  • Expert WordPress Support included
  • Use any theme or plugin you want
  • Optional Backup to DreamObjects Cloud!

Use Dreamhost WordPress Hosting!

 3. RapidPress

I already creating a review about RapidPress from here before. The good thing about RapidPress beside it is a very cheap WordPress hosting is it don’t require any knowledge about installing WordPress, once you buy it, they will set up for you and you are good to go about your content and selling your products.

Cheap WordPress Hosting - RapidPress

RapidPress is truly your best solution for one year hosting plan. Look at there, if I want to upgrade this blog into seventyroots :P, it will only cost me $44.93. You may just want to buy RapidPress because you want to try things up first for one year. Go get them!

Buy RapidPess!!

But if you think to build a long-term business website, you need read more, I am about to show you the cheapest WordPress hosting solution at the end of this post, CHEAPEST EVER!

4. SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting

Web Hosting

I first hear the name of Siteground from, that’s why I trust them because WPLift is a recognized brand in the WordPress Community. They are a web hosting company from Europe.

Founded in 2004 by a few university friends, SiteGround gradually but steadily turned into a leading web hosting service provider.  They now have about 250.000 sites hosted on their data centers based in US, Europe nd Asia-Pacific (Singapore).

They Offer a Managed cheap WordPress Hosting in a very affordable price, from only $3.95/mo on StartUP hosting. Complete list of this cheap managed WordPress Hosting are;

  • Unique WordPress Autoinstaller
  • Autoupdater for WordPress & Its Plugins
  • WordPress SuperCacher (not available in StartUp plan)
  • WordPress Staging (in GoGeek hosting plan)
  • Git Pre-Installed for Easy WordPress Version Control (in GoGeek hosting plan)
  • WP-CLI Pre-Installed

Managed WordPress Hosting on SiteGround

As you can see, you can start using their Managed WordPress hosting solution for as low as $60/year. Even you can try to use the GoGeek plan for only $14.95. Don’t worry, there is a 30 days money back guarantee.

Use SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting!!

5. NameCheap Cheap WordPress Hosting

Namecheap is one of another Web Hosting provider with a very affordable plan. Their Value hosting start from #3.48/mo for their 2 years value hosting plan and $3.98 for 1 year hosting plan. They also offer a very cheap SSL Certificate so that you can sell your product securely.

Namecheap Cheap WordPress Web Hosting

If you wish to try it first, there is also one month free trial, with no fee for your hosting, you will only need to pay for the domain and SSL certificate. You can continue to use their service or move your domain elsewhere later.

Use Cheap Value Hosting from NameCheap!

6. Zyma Hosting

This new hosting provider also recommended by WPLift. launched in 2010 is quickly becoming the No.1 choice for web hosting services on the internet. It’s multi-award winning web hosting package offers the most attractive and comprehensive features for one the best prices on the internet.

Based in Middlesbrough, UK, If your business is based and targeted to Europe resident, Zyma is a great choice.

Cheap WordPress Hosting - Zyma

For three years hosting plan, you will only need to pay for less than  £80, it’s about $128 as I write this now. And you can choose one year plan at £26.43 (equivalent to $42.5)

Use Zyma Cheap Hosting!

7. AN Hosting from UK2Group

AN Hosting is a child company of UK2Group, which own several brands on the hosting industry, I am about to enlist 3 of them here. I include them because Yoast used the service and he recommended the services for years before moved to Shyntesis web hosting, the expensive one.

The best deal to use AN Hosting is choosing their 2 years plan, because the cost is relatively cheaper than 1 year plan. Also use the coupon code “3MONTH25” or just click the button below to get 25% discount.

ANHosting   Powerful  WordPress Hosting

Get 25% Off  from ANHosting

8. WestHost Hosting from UK2Group

WestHost is premium web hosting at its finest. With an unbeatable 24/7 U.S. based support, you definitely get what you pay for. Not to mention their level of service reliability is top-notch with a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Promise, a 99.9% uptime standard and an industry leading 60 day full money-back guarantee.

All of this validates their “premium web hosting” promise. WestHost doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for white-glove hosting.

Best Web Host   Affordable Website Hosting   WestHost

Get 25% Off Limited time Offer from WestHost

9. MidPhase Hosting from  UK2Group

Another brand of UK2Group as the lastest and cheapest WordPress hosting solution for you, especially if you plan to make a long run for your website, at least for 3 years where you will only need to pay for $2.95/month. MidPhase also offer the biggest discount, but beware that the offer only last by the end of this month. So be hurry to get the 40% off discount.

Midphase Cheap WordPress Hosting for 3 Years

For a three years hosting, MidPhase beat all other hosting provider, this is the real cheapest ever deal!

Get Cheapest WordPress Hosting from MidPhase

Almost forget, you can save up to 40% ($24.00) on 1 year plan of Midphase web hosting by clicking the button above because it also contain a coupon code. Your price will lowering down into $45.35, but this offer will end by this month, so hurry up!

The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

For three years hosting package, MidPhase is really the winner of cheap WordPress hosting solution, but if you want to pay your hosting in a yearly plan – which I believe you really do want – there are plenty of option in the almost same price;, RapidPress and MidPhase.

Those are the best and cheap WordPress hosting you can choose, they offer great support and recommended by WordPress, WordPress developer and entrepreneur like Yoast.

I hope this post could help you to make a good decision about your hosting solution. Even though all links are affiliate, but I try to pick them all carefully, I don’t want you to blame me later but I want you to thank me the day you get success with your new business :)